Sustainable World Translations Project

English to Spanish translations for a sustainable plane

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Sustainable World Translations Project

English to Spanish translations for a sustainable planet

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Do you need to increase your visibility in Spanish-speaking countries?
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Would you like to grow your environmentally-aware audience?
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Do you want to spread the word about an idea that would protect biodiversity?
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In other words, are you ready to take your green project to the Spanish-speaking world?

I am glad you’ve decided to take your ideas to the next level!
Now you are only 3 steps away from achieving your goal:

Step 1

Send me an e-mail or message.

Step 2

Let’s discuss your needs, goals and project (by e-mail or virtual meeting). Then, if you feel that I can help you meet your needs, I will proceed with the translation.

Step 3

Open your inbox and download a bespoke translation that will connect you to your audience.

About me

My name is Luciana E. Lovatto. I combine my love for nature with 18 years of experience in the world of translation to lend support to people who do business in harmony with the environment, helping them get their green ideas across to Spanish-speaking communities everywhere.

I think of myself as an explorer of nature, in fact, I’ve been to the Amazon rainforest twice! Once as a volunteer in the Yasuní National Park and then as a student with a native community where I learned how that community used nature for self-healing.

In 2002, I successfully completed a four-year program in translation.

In 2009, I took a one-year training course on conference interpreting.

In 2023, I obtained a degree in Software Localization with a focus on machine translation, artificial intelligence, video game, and website localization.  


I am a proud member of the Board of Professional Translators of Santa Fe, the American Translators Association (ATA) and the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI).
In 2009, my strong sense of responsibility toward the Translation and Interpretation profession as a whole led me to join other colleagues in founding the
International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI).

On the weekends, you will find me reading, germinating tree seeds, out trekking or pitching my tent somewhere in nature.

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Why did I create the Sustainable World Translations Project?

I realized that simply loving wildlife and nature wasn’t enough, since I was not helping anyone. I needed to take action and use my communications skills to help spread the word about green ideas created by people who are trying to make a difference. We all know that human activities are necessary for our livelihoods, but they are disturbing ecosystems and altering native biodiversity, posing a serious threat to life on earth.

However, I agree with the quote that says Many small people, in many small places, do many small things that can alter the face of the world”, since I am aware that out there, there are many organizations and people, like you, who believe that we can revolutionize the way we produce and use things and commodities, and, above all, that we are still on time to restore our relationship with Mother Nature.


I can convey your green message as if it had originally been written in Spanish so you can successfully connect with your target audience. I can translate your reports, fact sheets, manuals, books, research papers, journals, websites, market research, product guides, newsletters, articles, press releases, leaflets, brochures, surveys, questionnaires, and more. You write it, I’ll translate it!


I support your efforts to market your sustainable activities by completely recreating your content (banners, advertisement, slogans, and social media posts) in Spanish, so that it resonates strongly with your target audience.

Revision of Spanish texts

I review the Spanish final draft of your written piece to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, terminology, spelling, and punctuation.


I adapt not only your language, but I can also make suggestions about your graphics or content for a specific market or locale.

Areas of expertise

Environment, biodiversity, wildlife conservation, pollution control, recycling, plastic waste, wetland management, climate change, global warming, waste management, effluent management, ecology, resource management, organic and natural products, circular economy, carbon footprint, water footprint

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